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MY wife and friend Part 1

After receiving emails from my wife lover I have grown accustomed to reading them and jerking off a lot but I haven’t spoken to her about them and she pretends nothing is going on even though she knows I took her ripped-up panties from the floor and hid them. I would get emails from her friend more frequently now as they meet up and fuck a lot more. I decided to install some cameras around the house and a hidden


Six of the most common sexual fantasies, according to sex workers.

By Kelsey Borresen Sex workers often have an intimate rapport with their clients, and due to their line of work, they’re privy to people’s deepest sexual desires ― even the ones they might not be comfortable sharing with their romantic partners or other confidantes. We asked sex workers, including dominatrixes and escorts, to tell us which fantasies their clients bring up most frequently. Here’s what they told us: Sissification Dominatrix Aleta Cai said the vast majority of her clients are interested in sissification (which is sometimes known as forced feminization),