Our Refund Policy

2-Day Cancellation POLICY :

Regarding the Premium Membership, you, the buyer, may cancel the Agreement, without any penalty or obligation, at any time prior to midnight of the second business day following the date of this Agreement, excluding Sundays and holidays. To cancel this Agreement, you can email [email protected] Please include the email address associated with your account in this notice. For a Premium Membership, the day that you successfully purchased a subscription will be the date of this Agreement. Any refunds under this 2-day cancellation policy will be made within 10 days after receipt of your written cancellation notice. This does not mean you would be refunded.

Cancellation As a Result of Death or Disability.

If by reason of death or disability you are unable to receive the full Premium Membership for which you contracted, you or your estate may elect to be relieved of the obligation to make payments for services other than those received before death or the onset of disability.

If you have prepaid any amount for a Premium Membership, so much of the amount prepaid that is allocable to services that you have not received will not be refunded to you or your representative because our payments are processed by third-party vendors and such refund will violate their terms of engagements.
“Disability” means a condition which precludes you from physically using the Premium Membership during the term of disability and the condition is verified in writing by a physician designated and remunerated by you. Written verification from the physician must be presented to though we are not obligated to refund you since you entered into agreement with us by consent during the payment procedure.
If the physician determines that the duration of the disability will be less than six (6) months, may extend the term of the Premium Membership contract for a period of six (6) months at no additional charge to you in lieu of cancellation.

Basically, we do not operate a refund policy


It is important to note that this is a matured platform, kindly take your time to read through our policies before committing to the use of our platform. We do not honour refunds.