We picked a bus and headed to Aguda where I live. On the bus, she told me she was a teacher but that day she took permission to go to the hospital. We arrived at my home around 11:45 am. You live alone here? She asked. I said yes, I just rented a small room as I was not going to stay too long in Lagos. Aisha picked a broom and swept my room, she removed her dress, wearing only

LASUTH January 2017

I arrived at LASUTH on Tuesday morning for a medical examination. There were so many people in the hall. I approached a security guard who told me how to get through the line if I was in a hurry. I paid a few cash and he connected me to a guy called senator. The guy told me the procedure. If it’s just a medical report, I don’t need to stay online or waiting for a turn. He told me how