Shandong Trip

The traffic on the 3rd ring road was too hectic so I felt a bit tired on the road before getting to the office. As I passed the receptionist she greeted me warmly; of which I replied; you look so handsome in a blue suit, I smile and said thanks to her. As I tried to make coffee to cool my nerves, Carol came in, (Carol is the name of the receptionist) Hi Tony this is your ticket and hotel

My High School Teacher Part 1

When I was in junior high school in the mid-1970s the administration made the progressive move of making, on a trial basis, two of the ninth grade PE classes coeducational. One was to be taught by one of the boy’s PE coaches, and the other by one of the girl’s PE coaches. The boy’s coaches were very selective in their choices for this project: they only picked the best-behaved boys, not necessarily the best athletes. I was one of those