MY wife and friend Part 1

After receiving emails from my wife lover I have grown accustomed to reading them and jerking off a lot but I haven’t spoken to her about them and she pretends nothing is going on even though she knows I took her ripped-up panties from the floor and hid them. I would get emails from her friend more frequently now as they meet up and fuck a lot more. I decided to install some cameras around the house and a hidden camera in the bedroom because I wanted to know when she leaves home after I go to work, the very next after having my camera system installed and left for work I got a notification so I pulled aside on the highway and opened it up.
To no surprise there came my wife friend over to our house and she was in a lingerie robe, they went into the kitchen and pour some whiskey and was taking a few drinks, I could see my wife pointing at the cameras and laughing, she was showing him where all the cameras were and with that right, in front of 1 of the cameras, he grabbed her and started to kiss her passionately dropping her robe on the floor exposing the slutty outfit she had below.
I could see him slapping her ass and the expression of pleasure on her face, my cock grew hard instantly, he lifted her on the kitchen counter and grabbed her outfit tearing it all over her body. His head went down to her pussy and he started sucking her cunt while her fingers ran through his hair directing him. I have never sucked my wife’s cunt before neither has she sucked my dick, maybe I am too small for her, I have a 5-inch dick and it’s not very thick but that guy has a huge fat cock. He pulled him down and directed his cock into her mouth, I could see him holding the back of her head and ramming it down her mouth, and he was fucking her face. I looked around to see if there was any vehicle close by and unzipped my pants, I had to stroke my dick. After fucking her face he grabbed her by her hair and apparently he has been in my house before he took her to our bedroom where I have a hidden camera installed but it seems it’s not that hidden because he noticed it instantly, it could have been the blinking red light he was showing her, they both went on the bed and I could hear a little since this cam has audio. She climbed on top of him and started to ride his cock, she was grinding and winning on his dick and he was squeezing her tits this went on for a while until he lifted her and dropped he face down pulling her head up by her hair and slapping her ass. They were both facing the camera so I could see her expression on her face I have never seen before as she subbed his cock back in her from behind making her scream out.
I was parked on the side of the highway stroking my dick watching my wife get fucked.
All I could hear is my wife screaming fuck me fuck me, fuck me like the slut I am, oh fuck me baby I’m such a slut, fuck me like a whore I need your big cock. As I heard this, I busted my sperm all over myself and the steering wheel. They went on fucking for hours and I stayed there until it was over.
Later that night I received the email from him as usual and as I lay on the bed next to my sleeping wife I got so turned on by it I took off my pants and started stroking my cock, in the corner of my eyes I could see my wife awake and watching but every time I turned to her she would close her eyes and pretend to be asleep.
So I decided to give her a show, I opened the camera on my phone and started to replay, I got up and went to the vanity, positioned the phone where she can see with my back turned away from her, I raised the volume and started to jerk off really hard. In the mirror I could see she had her phone out as she was recording me jerking of them fucking, it was loud and so was I moaning as I stroke myself. The whole situation built up and as I was about to cum I moaned out loud “oh fuck yes u fucking slut” and came all over the phone and the floor. As I turned around I could see her scuffle back to a sleeping position and I went back to bed thinking about the next episode of what will happen.