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Code of Conduct

Our Code of Conduct outlines the general rules, responsibilities and practices that we expect from our members. We want to save you from wasting time, being disappointed and hurting other people’s feelings. is for people who are serious about finding a partner. So, here are some rules and guidelines to protect yourself and others:

– Frauds and fake profiles will not be tolerated.

–You must be above 18 years old and accept the responsibility of all your actions; including the information you posted on your profile

–This is NOT a pornograpic website. In as much as we value your liberty and freedom, will not allow excessive use of x-ray photos

– Rude or offensive language is unacceptable and action will be taken to block, suspend or remove your account.
– Your profile is your personal advertisement, so remember to be honest about who you are and what you want.
– Post recent photos, not ones that are outdated or overly edited.
– No spam. Only send messages to other members that you are interested in.
– Keep conversations on the website until you have built a connection and feel comfortable to use other platforms.
– Do not exchange contact details until you are ready to meet.
– Don’t take rejection to heart and respond irrationally. Remember that there’ll be plenty more opportunities to come.
– Respond in a timely manner.
– If you make a date, arrange to meet in a public place and arrive and leave separately. Please refer to our safety guidelines.
– It’s okay to date more than one prospect online or offline, as long as you are open and honest with all parties involved.

Please refer to our Safety Guidelines for more information about safety, serious concerns or problems.